3 Team Building Activities that Deepen Connection

Do your team members know each other well? Is there a sense of camaraderie? Are they all united, cohesive, and engaged?

These are some “essentials” that are essential for any organisation’s success. Here are three team building activities designed to deepen connections within your teams

in meaningful and fun ways! 

1. Quote Sharing

Invite team members to choose a quote that resonates with their current situation. This could relate to a work challenge or generally where they are at in life.

Once everyone has selected their quote, get each of them to share why they have chosen their respective quote and how it resonates with them personally in smaller

groups. This facilitates a smoother and more effective interactive session compared to when it is conducted in a large group.

The more people who are sharing, the higher the possibility that team members might start dozing off before it’s their turn to share…😢

By sharing personal resonances or stories related to the quotes they choose, it allows team members to be open and vulnerable, thereby breaking down social barriers,

fostering a sense of empathy and helping them to bond better between one another. 

Additionally, the quotes give prompts that enable them to express feelings and thoughts which they might have found difficult to articulate.

Again, this reinforces a shared understanding and helps form closer human connections among themselves. 

All in all, this activity creates a safe space for sharing, promoting an environment where team members feel comfortable expressing their true selves, ultimately building

genuine connections within your team. 

2. Mad Lib Mission Statement

Transform your company’s mission statement into a mad ad lib game aka mad lib!

Remove key nouns, verbs, and adjectives, and create a worksheet with blanks indicating the type of word needed. Then, have your entire team contribute the needed

words one at a time within a fixed time duration. 

The word substitutions often create a humorous effect. Once all blanks are filled, read the new, silly mission statement aloud. Then, repeat the exercise to refine the

until the mission statement feels right to the team. You may give some hints along the process as you see fit. 

As fun as this activity is, it strips away jargon and stiffness from the mission statement, seamlessly instilling your company's vision in the minds of your team members.

When your teams are aligned with the goal of the company, the rest falls into place effortlessly. 

3. Show and Tell

Let each team member take turns to bring an item that tells the rest something about themselves.

This is effective in tackling lopsided issues in your team’s dynamics, as it allows everyone to share the centre stage.

At the same time, team members get to know each other more, thus fostering a more connected and cohesive team. 

By incorporating these simple yet powerful activities either during working hours or the happy hours after work, you can spark deeper team engagements. 

To learn more about the secrets of effective team building, feel free to reach out to our expert team building professionals here! 

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