Outdoor Team Building: The Key to a Resilient & Productive Workforce

July 10, 2024

To cultivate a sustainable high-output team, simply taking time off isn't enough; spending time in nature is key. 

Spending time in nature boosts cognitive performance

Environmental psychologists Stephen and Rachel Kaplan's "Attention Restoration Theory" suggests that "involuntary attention" or "soft fascination" amidst nature

alleviates mental fatigue from work and restores focus. 

Time in nature also allows the brain to emit alpha waves, which are crucial for lowering anxiety levels as well as calming and decluttering the mind. 

Improves creativity and innovation 

A study by David Strayer showed that three days in nature without technology significantly boosted creativity and problem-solving skills.

Besides, taking unplanned detours in nature during outdoor team building sessions helps team members perceive that their organisation encourages flexibility. This will

then give them the confidence to pursue avant-garde, pioneering solutions. 

It also fosters authentic connections 

On a magical snow-white winter trail in Norway, a leader of a global organisation realised that being in nature encouraged his team to put down their guards, fostering

vulnerability, open conversations, and a shift from a self-protective mentality to one of learning, which amazed him.

Moreover, basking in the glorious wonders of nature removes the constraints of role descriptions, status, and organisational charts, fostering a relaxed environment

where people can interact more deeply. This allows team members to reset and reconnect, helping to overcome fraught or strained relationships in the office. 

Builds trust 

Activities like conquering a summit or building a campfire require trust, which is the foundation of a high-performing team. These experiences can lead to deeper learning

and collaboration.

Various outdoor activities your team can do (without the phones…)

Vision Building is here to help you execute well thought-out and customised vision-driven team building strategies. Just kick back, relax, and let our experienced coaches deliver the impact you aim to achieve.

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