3 Words to Boost your Leadership Game

June 18, 2024

It may seem far-fetched to think that some mere single words could raise your team’s performance and effectiveness. However, research says otherwise. Let’s jump into it! 


When discussing a problem, swap "should" for "could". "Should" may sound like it limits solutions to an either/or possibility or just two choices, while "could" implies that

anything is possible and there’s a world of infinite choices. Indeed, "could" leads to more and better solutions compared to “should”, according to a Harvard research. 

So, next time, ask, "What could we do?" It could work more wonders than you might think. 😉


Need something? Asking politely is good, but providing a reason is even better. As per Robert Cialdini's book: Influence, using "because" significantly boosts persuasion

and increases compliance, even if the reason seems trivial. Always include a clear, logical "because" to motivate your team.


A study in the Journal of Experimental Social Psychology found that participants who were told they would work "together" worked 50% longer and solved more

problems, even if they were working alone. 

Humans have an innate need and desire to thrive in a community. Using 'together' can reduce feelings of isolation, which can kill motivation, and instead create a sense

of unity and shared purpose. It can make one feel they are contributing to something bigger than themselves. 

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