Working in silos? Here’s how to break it

July 5, 2024

In the paper titled “Silo-Busting: Overcoming the Greatest Threat to Organisational Performance,” the authors highlight that leaders who overcome silo mentality enjoy

benefits like higher employee engagement, better morale, faster decision-making, fewer mistakes, and improved goal achievement. They suggest the following strategies

to cultivate an enterprise mindset that transcends individual departments:

Success through Sharing

Develop and model unifying values and goals to instil a shared sense of identity among employees.

Mix It Up

Encourage cross-unit collaboration by organising programs and projects that promote interdepartmental cooperation, teamwork, and innovation.

Let the Information Flow

Ensure all employees stay informed by implementing a common IT platform and shared processes, particularly important for remote or hybrid work environments.

Intentional Recruiting

Embed a cooperative spirit within the organisation by hiring individuals with strong networking and communication skills.

Positive Reinforcement

Publicly reward and incentivize employees who collaborate across teams and departments.

Hoping for a more united, cooperative, and collaborative team? We’ve got your back.

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