3 big workplace lessons from the movie ‘The Intern’

June 14, 2024

1. Embrace Cross-Generational Collaboration

"The Intern" underscores the power of cross-generational collaboration in driving innovation. Jules, a young CEO, embraces the wealth of experiences and wisdom

brought by Ben, a 70-year-old intern. For instance, Ben's suggestion to personally visit a customer to resolve a conflict demonstrates the enduring relevance of

experience, proving invaluable in the rapidly evolving business landscape. Besides, Ben learns about fashion from Jules and his other colleagues, while the younger men

at the workplace pick up some gentlemanly tips from Ben. 

The film beautifully illustrates how each generation holds valuable insights that are not necessarily outdated or irrelevant compared to the beliefs of our

respective generation. In short, experience never goes out of fashion. By setting aside generational stereotypes, we can leverage these insights, leading to a more

dynamic and enriched work environment.

2.Challenging Norms

Ben, a 70-year-old retiree, could have chosen to sit idle in his house, relax, or vacation around the world. Instead, he decided to challenge the status quo by applying to

intern at a fast-paced startup operating an online fashion business. Eventually, Ben reaped a rewarding, unforgettable internship experience despite his old age, including

navigating the Internet and setting up a Facebook account—not too bad for a man of his age, huh? At the same time, Jules and other colleagues learned a thing or two

from Ben's accumulated wisdom and experiences. The film challenges traditional views on ageing and retirement, emphasising the value of continuous learning from

various parties, irrespective of age.

3.The Power of Empathy At The Workplace

Jules's character highlights the complexities of achieving work-life balance while striving for success. The film stresses the need for workplaces to understand and

accommodate employees' multifaceted lives, advocating for flexibility and empathy. A telling scene occurs when Ben helps Jules organise her hectic schedule, enabling

her to block off time for her family. This gesture underscores the importance of empathy and emotional engagement at work, recognizing the real and valid struggle of

balancing personal and professional commitments, particularly in demanding careers. When empathy is practised in the workplace, employees can dedicate themselves

and focus better, leading to greater creativity and innovation.

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