05 Mar 2024|Topic 1
Data Literacy in Workspace

06 Mar 2024|Topic 2
Data Visualisation for Business Operation

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Big Data Analytics

The Unstoppable Trend

In the digital age, Big Data is vital for business success, offering immense value to enterprises when effectively utilised.

From enhancing decision quality and optimising operational efficiency to delivering personalised services and seizing innovation opportunities,mastering Big Data Analytics will be the secret weapon for businesses now!

Data Literacy in Workspace

Discovering Meaningful Data

· Explore strategies to identify datasets that bring real value to your analysis.
· Practical exercises on getting relevant and reliable data.

Identifying Relevant and Reliable Data

· Translating information to inform insights and decisions.
· Learn to differentiate between credible and unreliable data sources.

Cleaning and Tidying Data

· The golden rules in tidying data.
· Common challenges when tidying messy data and how to transform them.

Data Drives Actions

· Learn how to translate data insights into actionable strategies for impactful outcomes.
· The power of data for corporate personal career growth.

Data Visualisation for Business Operation

Data Visualisation for Business Operation

Data Visualisation for Business Operation

Evaluate Data for visualisation

· Learn the art of evaluating data to extract meaningful insights.
· Understand how to discern valuable information for visualisation.

Tailor Visualisation for Targeted Impact

· Gain insights into tailoring data visualisation to resonate with specific audiences.
· Understand the importance of context in delivering impactful visual messages.

Cultivate the Right Mindset for Visualisation

· Develop the mindset required to choose and apply appropriate visualisation techniques.
· Explore strategies for effective communication through visual representation.

Visualise and Create Data Story

· Master the skills to create compelling narratives through data visualisation.
· Learn techniques to engage your audience and convey insights effectively.

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Corporate Executives and Decision-makers

CEOs, CTOs, CFOs,CMOs,COOs and other senior management can leverage Data Analytics to better guide corporate strategy and make key decisions.

Business Analysts

Analysts specialising in business processes can learn how to optimise business operations through data.

Human Resources Professionals

HR practitioners can streamline recruitment, training, and employee satisfaction processes.

Data Analysts and Scientists

Professionals specialising in data analysis and science can elevate expertise in data intelligence technologies and methodologies, enhancing proficiency in data analysis.


Marketing experts will gain insights into customer needs and refine personalised marketing strategies through immersion in data.


Entrepreneurs looking to sharpen competitive edges can develop a profound business understanding through data analytics, paving the way for more potent strategic formulations.

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Trusted by 500+ Company

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What Our Clients are saying?

1. What is "Public Corporate Training"?

Public Corporate Training is open-to-all workshops organized byVision Building, addressing industry-relevant skill development and knowledge enhancement.

2. Where and when is the upcoming Public Corporate Training?

📅 Date: 10 - 11 July 2024
⏰ Time: 9 AM - 6 PM
📍 Venue: ARMS Campus, Sri Petaling

3. What is the theme of this Public Corporate Training?

Big Data Analytics In Industry 4.0.

We covering 2 Main Learning Topics in 2 days:
Data Literacy in Workspace and Data Visualisation for Business Operation.

4. How can I purchase Public Corporate Training tickets?

Single tickets for Public Corporate Training are now available at a special rate from only RM1499!
Secure your seat now!

5. Is there a group discount for Public Corporate Training?

Grab a 2-day pass for only RM2599! (averaging at RM1299.50 per day)! Click here to secure your seat!

If your team is large, please contact customer service at https://wa.link/eyunjc to inquire about special discounts for bulk purchases.

6. Who are the Speakers for Public Corporate Training?

The Speakers for March Public Corporate Training will be Monash University Senior Lecturer, Dr. Ewilly and Monash University Lecturer, Dr. Mogana.

7. Are there networking opportunities at Public Corporate Training?

Yes, networking sessions offer chances to connect with professionals, experts, and speakers for collaboration and knowledge exchange.

8. Does Public Corporate Training provide meals or snacks?

Unfortunately, we do not provide meals or snacks. Participants can explore nearby restaurants for lunch. However, coffee beverages will be available outside the hall for self-service.

9. I can't attend this event, when is the next one?

Kindly reach out to our customer service at https://wa.link/eyunjc .