Market With Impact

Provide you with the knowledge you need to create a comprehensive and effective marketing plan to improve your current marketing strategies and grow your business.

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2 Days

English / Chinese

Program Intro 

This “Strategic Marketing Plan: Market With Impact” course will provide you with the knowledge you need to create a comprehensive and effective marketing plan to improve your current marketing strategies and grow your business. You'll learn how to spend your marketing time and effort on the things that will work for your business! An effective marketing plan is a road map to success for businesses both large and small. Learn how to express a marketing strategy through a comprehensive and coherent plan. Examine how strategies and plans change at each stage in the life cycle of a product, service, or concept. Class instruction emphasizes effectively accumulating relevant data; analyzing the competition; naming and pricing products; and positioning, promoting, and distributing. In this highly interactive course that makes extensive use of case studies, prepare your own model marketing plans. 

This program will also feature “Osegi Pride” – War of Marketinng ( Asia’s #1 Marketing Game ) which created by Anthony that guides the Entrepreneurs, Solopreneur, Marketing & Sales Professionals to INCREASE their SALES. GROW their BUSINESS. EXPAND their BRAND and DOMINATE their Niche. They will create their own brilliant marketing and business plan and have strategies in hand that can potentially send them on the way to Market their Business to Millions of people.

Training Objective

  • Understanding of the actual marketing plan process, from the strategic approach to the tactical execution.
  • The marketing techniques and tools required to achieve marketing objectives
  • The ability to prepare marketing planning, to analyse markets, and to understand customer needs
  • Learn to influence, persuade
  • Develop “products”, manage and engage buyer
  • Understand the importance of languaging and campaigning
  • Improve marketing and sales skill
  • Learn strategic planning with emphasis on speed to market

Who Should Attend?

Aspiring Marketing and Sales Executives, Management Team and High Potential Staff who needs to “present” their business, or products that sets themselves apart from the competitors.

Program Outline


1. Introduction & Welcome

2. Pre-Program Benchmarking

3. Market Plan Process Flow

  • Why A Plan? Whats Is In The Plan
  • Understanding The Importance of Planning in Marketing
  • Elements of Marketing
  • Understanding The Market
  • Creating The Message
  • Utilising Different Medias
  • Utilising 4Ps of Marketing Model




  • Understanding positioning statement
  • Compare and contrast to identify your own uniqueness
  • Determine current position
  • Competitor positioning analysis
  • Develop a unique positioning
  • Test the effectiveness of your brand positioning

2. Choosing Your Marketing Tool

  • Traditional Advertising
  • Mini Media
  • Targeted Media
  • Promotions

3. Overall Summary, Wrap-up and Action Items 

4. Post Program Evaluation

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