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About Us

How we started

Started with the name, Vision Building

A team from different backgrounds in training and education, with huge passion towards people and impacting lives.


On-going Product Development

From many conversations, brainstorming sessions, discussions and meetings, Vision Building started in April 2019, providing navigation aid to many companies and teams since then.

Lighthouse as our symbol

We choose the lighthouse as our symbol because it beckons to all as we sail the ocean of life. Meanwhile, the importance of people in the organization were guided by VISION.


Positioning as people solution

People are the biggest asset of the company and teamwork is the key to success. Thats why we postioning ourself as people solution to help every organization to built a vision driven company.

Largest Vision-Instilled team experiences

With our assistance, Huawei's Malaysian team of about 400 employees was successfully instilled with their company's vision, through Vision-driven team building experience in June of 2019!


Sailing Through the Pandemic

It has not been an easy year for us in Vision Building. From health concerns, to fears of unemployment, to the mental burden of isolation, the pandemic has proved how interconnected we are as a team and how solid our connection can be.

Here Comes the Squads

Everything comes to us at the right time. In late 2020, we have our very first Squid-game-theme team building experience with Taisho, recharging their team after a very long battle with Pandemic.


Celebrating 4 Years Old

What doesn't kill Vision Building, makes us stronger. We are proud to survive the pandemic together with our team, and expand our 3-floors Headquarter office in Sri Petaling in 2022.

Our Team Experience

Instilling company vision in your team, through team experiences,
re-designed with our very own Vision-instilled Methodology (VIM).


De-stress Team Building

Giving your team an avenue for stress relief. Through our P.L.A.Y methodology, our team building helps to re-energize your team, while also strengthening the trust and bonding within them.

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Corporate Team Building

Building positive company cultures and boosting team morale in your organisation, through our very own Vision Alignment technique - Vision Instilled Methodology.

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Corporate Training

Reskilling or upskilling your employees with soft skills that are essential to the continuous improvement of work performance and efficiency within your organisation.

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We're a close team of passionate builders.

We are a team who are people centric which practices absolute faith by bringing the artisan spirit into what we build to be original

EJ Lim

Director | Sales Account Manager 

Evan Cheah

Creative Program Developer | Trainer


Operation Manager


Sales | Client Management

Arthur Lau

Event Executive

Penny Leong

Corporate Trainer | Lead Trainer

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HRDF Certified Trainers

We are HRDF Claimable Team Building Service Provider

Ej Lim

Performance Coach

“From People, To People.”

Coach EJ had worked in the education sector for 10 years, and in her four years of training experience in Vision Building, she had worked with over 200 corporate teams and 800 students.

Throughout her career, she found a pattern.

Do you realise this? 

We attended elementary school, high school, and for the fortunate few graduates from college or university, to lay the groundwork for our 40 years of arduous effort in corporates or businesses.

So what comes next?

Challenges that employees face at work.

Difficulties encountered at the job.

Issues that employees face at work.

Disagreements that occur at work.

Who will teach you to resolve these problems?

Herein lies the need for training, which is the quickest route to an understanding of the problem and to receiving workable solutions.

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Ej Lim

Performance Coach

Jason Chia

Trainer & Team Experience Specialist

“Together we stand, together we fall.”

The handsome guy in Vision Building. 

Coach Jason is equipped with more than 15 years of expertise in Kung Fu, including Chinese Wushu and Kung Fu Sanda, and also 10 years of expertise in modern dance and street dancing, 

Coach Jason is really passionate about bodybuilding, all kinds of physical activity, especially intense workouts, martial arts, and outdoor activities. This contagious passion has become the driving force for him to always enjoys performing on stage and interacting with people.

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Jason Chia

Trainer & Team Experience Specialist

Anna Bong

Trainer & Team Experience Specialist

“It’s now, or Never.”

Through fitness and dance, team-building activities, and personal training sessions, Coach Anna has inspired lives all throughout Malaysia. 

Her youth, vigour, and knack for making connections with others have made her a sought-after facilitator at numerous team-building events.

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Anna Bong

Trainer & Team Experience Specialist


Trainer & Team Experience Specialist

“Workplace culture is as important as salary”

With a mission to develop positive workplace culture, Yeo strongly believes that a thriving company culture is essential for achieving success. He has honed his proficiency in behavioral, soft, and communication skills to help organizations achieve growth. Yeo's coaching philosophy, which centers around meaningful work, open communication, and core convictions, has enabled numerous organisations to achieve success.

Yeo is committed to going the extra mile to ensure that people and businesses grow together. He specializes in developing leaders' leadership mindset through training, helping individuals and teams discover their challenges, gain clarity, define their purpose, and realize their potential. Yeo's fun and interactive approach to coaching ensures that individuals and teams stay motivated to learn and grow. Join Yeo on the path to growth and success!

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Trainer & Team Experience Specialist

Ivy Teh

Trainer & Team Experience Specialist

"Team building is not about happiness, but happiness is about success."

Do you have such a person on your team? Always doing things they are not good at, just to make the team more bonding and better?

Ivy is such a person. She does not want to see just a silent office atmosphere in the office, obsessed with performing their own jokes. Although everyone thinks it is not funny, but also because of her efforts and feels happy.

She believes that the success of the team is not in how good the performance is, not in how much money the company has made today. Rather, it is how much laughter and unity there is in the team today. Rather, it is how much laughter and unity there is in the team today. With such a concept, Ivy organizes various team building activities filled with joy. From the initial alienation and unfamiliarity to the final integration of a whole team.

Ivy believes that this is the meaning of group building —— the soul of a team.

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Ivy Teh

Trainer & Team Experience Specialist

What our clients are saying

People are the biggest asset of the company and teamwork is the key to success


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