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Specialised building blocks, to solve your HR problems.

We do not practise ‘one size fits all’ concept in Vision Building. Thus, backed with generous years of experience from various fields, comprehensive modules and activities, we could definitely cater to your team building needs and objectives.

Enhancing Team Dynamics through building blocks
Improve the level of trust, clarity of vision, optimising work relationships, better communication, decision-making and increase understanding between each other and their contribution to the team.

Bring on the fun.
A team that plays together stays together

Team Race Series
Taking your office retreat to a next level

Bring your team for a race, out from your comfort zone and away from the office working desk!
Your team will scale walls, flip tyres and support each other in a team race. This is not your average team bonding.

You will head back to the office with an incredible memory and shared experience.
And let it be real, it will be way more fun than a company softball game ;)

Help your team to communicate & collaborate better

Communications Building Blocks Series
Poor communication lies at the root of many problems.

It can lead to mistakes, quality problems, conflict, missed deadlines, and lost opportunities. There are many different ways in team communications, face-to-face, by video conference, by instant message, and by email. But does it do so effectively?

Use appropriate team building blocks can boost people's communication skills and help them to build trust  and develop good relationships with one another.

Empower your team and build trust

Empowerment Building Blocks Series
Do you sometimes feel like your teams are acting like teenagers?

They focus on their part of the job, but rarely identify the work around the edges or the messes that need to be cleaned up.

What can you do to create more empowerment and accountability in your team so that team members move from talking about their work, their job and their goals to our work, our project and our objectives?

Having teams who feel accountable and empowered creates a much more pleasant and productive workplace.

Recognized for the hard work
Inspired to do great work

Team Morale Building Blocks Series
Low morale more than just a passing bad mood

Are you noticing a decrease in energy and excitement among your team? Are you hearing more sighs and seeing more rolled eyes than usual? Are your team members taking a sloppy approach to simple tasks?

If you’re answering yes to any of these questions, your team might be suffering from low morale.

More than just a passing bad mood, low morale stems from a waning sense of job satisfaction.We want to capture the emotion of a big win; sharing fun experiences outside of work builds the bonds that help us get through the tough times.

When team members see that their work is having a direct impact on the success of a company, it motivates them to contribute their best work.

Finding and implementing solutions

Creative Problem Solving Building Blocks Series
Problem arises when actual performance does not match expectations

A problem arises when actual performance does not match expectations. Problems are also referred to as challenges and opportunities, or any situation for which there is room for improvement.

Creative problem solving is a structured approach to finding and implementing solutions.

A team that bond together, will succeed together

Relationship Enhancer Building Blocks Series
Build team relationships of trust and loyalty.

Make you realize that a team’s value is greater than the sum of all its team members.

What's so special about our building blocks?

All our building blocks comes with

Emotional Intelligence (EQ) Based

We use EQ Sciences to design our building blocks

Play first, learn later

We believe experiential learning. Thus our building blocks combines experience and module together

Vision Driven Design

All of our building blocks are designed based on your team building objective and company vision.

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