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they are built.

Boost up your team spirit & performance, to achieve your company's goal

Reskill & Upskill
Your Workforce

Future-proof your workforce with soft skill Training Program

Reskilling or upskilling your employees with soft skills that are essential to the continuous improvement of work performance and efficiency within your organisation.

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Our Training Program Highlights

Play First, Learn Later

Take your training beyond the classroom-style and into the hands-on experience with our experiential learning program.

Customised Training Program

Our soft skill training programs are all tailored to your company's needs, goals, and industries.

End-to-End Training Service

We focus on every details of your training program to Z, including venue, sorting, transportation, and etc.

Our Training Program

Our training programs do not practise the ‘one size fits all’ concept because we believe each team is unique. Thus, our programs are all designed to be tailored to your company needs, objectives, and industry, driving continuous growth and success for your organisation.

Effective Communication Workshop
Leadership Development Training
#01 Effective Communication Workshop
Enhancing communication within your team for greater productivity and performance

Our workshop is designed to help your team communicate more effectively and efficiently at the workplace. From handling clients' complaints, dealing with suppliers, to giving constructive feedback to colleagues, our workshop covers it all.

Suitable for team members at all levels and can also be customised to specific groups such as managers, customer-facing teams, remote workers.

Don't let poor communication hold your organisation back any longer!

Communication Skills Covered :

Active Listening

Sales Communication

Emotion Intelligence

Verbal & Non-verbal Communication technique

Empathic communication

Stress Management

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#02 Leadership Development Training
Empower Your Leadership: Maximize Your Leadership Effectiveness with Our Customised Program

Our leadership development program is focused on helping leaders at all levels of your organisation to grow and develop.

Our leadership development program is designed with interactive exercises, group discussions, and role-playing scenarios, providing them with the practical skills and knowledge needed to excel as a leader.

Leadership Skills Covered :

VUCA Change Management

Team management

Problem Solving Skills

Decision Making Skills

Situational Leadership

Managerial Leadership  Development

Executive Leadership Development

Strategic Thinking

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BENEFITS of Vision Building

Soft Skill Training Outcomes

Better Decision Making & Leadership
Increased Morale & Motivation
Increase Employee Engagement
Improved Cost-efficiency
Increased Employee Retention
Improved Performance
Improved Productivity
Build positive company cultures
Increased Knowledge & Skills
Increased Customer Satisfaction
Better Work Environment
Improve team dynamics

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Half Day
Team Experience

It's a good choice to jump start your team. Bring fun and simple learning to the team that can make the team refreshed.

Full Day
Team Experience

Bring your team for a refreshment, out of the comfort zone and away from the desk! A full day team experience can make a team aligns on targets & goals.

2 Days + 1 Night
Team Experience

Have a deep conversation and engagement with your team. Break the norm and the communication barrier between each other, to make sure everyone is on the same page.

BENEFITS of Vision Building

We see, We do, We build

Bringing people together
Improved productivity
Increase motivation
Increase collaboration
Encourage creativity
Positive reinforcement
Increase communication
Build positive company cultures
Build team relationship
Drive teams with vision
A leaner and faster onboarding
Create momentums

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End-to-end Corporate Training Services. We've Got You Covered.

We provide a comprehensive approach to employee training that covers all aspects of the learning process, from learning material and curriculum design, to delivery and evaluation.

Plus, we also provide arrangement & coordination of venue, meal, transportation, ensuring you are worry-free throughout the corporate training experience.

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