Frequently asked questions

How do I know which team building is suitable for my team?

You can start by identifying any issue that you would like to address or the objective of having the team building. Then you can choose which activity that suits the objective best. 

Another option is for you to contact our Builders here.for more in depth consultation and we might even customize the team building for you.

What is the usual duration for team building?

It depends on the objective of the team building and the size of the team, the usual ones are tailored for Half Day, Full Day, 2 Days 1 Night and 3 Days 2 Nights. More info here.

What are the venue options that you have?

You may click here for our venue partners. We can also arrange other venues according to your preferences.

Can we book our own venue?

Yes you can. 

Usually our clients prefer taking the full package so that they could enjoy the team building - worry-free.

What are the other services that you provide besides team building?

We provide A-Z solution for team building, which also includes trainers, venue, accommodation, transportation, merchandize, photography and videography services.

What is the price range for your full stack team building package?

Our price range depends on the building blocks, trainers, venue and accommodation, transportation and other services or products selected.

You may contact our Builders for more info here.

Do you do follow up sessions after the team building?

Upon request, we do provide post team building engagement service to further assess the effectiveness of the team building, and other training or workshop planning deemed necessary for your team.

What is the difference between Instructor, Advance Builder and Master Builder?
What is the background of Advance Trainer and Master Builder?

Our trainers come from various fields, all with significant experience and certification in training and team building.

You may contact our Builders for more info here.

What are the types of trainings that you provide?

Team Building
Soft skills Training
Leadership Training

What does HRDF Claimable means?

It means that companies could claim the amount spent on team building or any training session conducted by Vision Building from HRDF (Human Resource Development Fund), if they have registered for it.

Click here to know more.

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