4 Things Gen Z Job Seekers Want that You Should Know

May 28, 2024

Generation Z, or Gen Z, refers to those born between 1997 and 2012, according to the Pew Research Center.

Meaning, this generation spans from those who turn 27 in 2024—the oldest—to the youngest at 12.

As the first generation to have spent most of their lives in an online world, they are consistently exposed to vast amounts of information on the internet,

shaping their perspectives of their future and surroundings differently from previous generations.

So, what do Gen Zs prioritise when choosing their future employers? We've compiled a concise list based on a recent research and survey conducted by EY. Keep reading to learn more!


92% indicated that authenticity is the value they hold most important.

They advocate for empowering everyone to be their authentic selves.

Trust and transparency are paramount, too.

For instance, over half of Gen Zs are more concerned about others being treated badly than almost every other topic surveyed, e.g. their own career.

To put it another way, once Gen Zs detect inauthenticity, such as insincerity, dishonest business practices, or anything that appears "fake" to them,

they'll bid farewell to this misalignment of values and seek employment elsewhere.

Mental health

Gen Z carries greater awareness of mental health issues than previous generations.

They recognise the need to address these issues by seeking help.

Hence, employers must prepare for a significant emphasis and demand on mental wellness from Gen Z, the core driver of the future workforce.

Long gone are the days of silent suffering towards oppression in the workplace.

Sustainability 🌳

Environmental concerns are very much a part of what Gen Zs advocate as well.

Therefore, employers must ensure that green practices that contribute to earth sustainability permeate every single business process.

 Making an impact 👊

For Gen Zs, making a difference in the world carries more weight than making money.

However, it is still vital for them to get paid, but companies shall, at the same time, keep in mind their emphasis on realising their fullest potential to create a positive

impact on the world. Employers not only need to provide a platform where they can make a real impact in this world, but also training opportunities to meet up their

expectations of adding value to society.  

In a nutshell, companies must provide avenues for Gen Z to feel they are making an impact and working toward a benevolent, greater goal for the greater good.

Without a corporate culture that is aligned with their personal values and beliefs, their employment will be short-lived.

“Building a strong culture is what builds a strong organisation.” — Simon Sinek, world-renowned visionary thinker, English-American author, and inspirational speaker.

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