4 Tips for Building a Great Work Culture (Even in Hybrid or Remote Modes)

May 20, 2024

Like it or not, we are entering a culture-first decade, where the best places to work are winners of the best workplace cultures, as per Glassdoor. 

Come discover 4 great tips to build a great corporate culture, applicable in hybrid or remote workplaces, too. 

You’re on your way to catapulting your company’s growth…below are the 4 essential tips:

Define your company’s vision

If you want a talent to say “I want to be a part of this company,” you’ll have to first make them believe that your workplace is enabling them to contribute to a meaningful common purpose. While deciding if your company’s culture is up their alley, talents will consider more than just whether the role pays enough to sustain them. They'll also weigh whether their time spent at your workplace is worthwhile, which ultimately boils down to the direction of your company’s goals and values. Simply put, ambiguous vision = poor culture = lose talents. 

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Don’t just define the visions and values, act on it 

Your visions and values will only lay down the foundation to a great workplace culture if you or your leadership team genuinely act on it. The common saying “lead by example” can go a long way. Only by practising accountability, i.e. putting into action those declared visions and values, can you truly influence employees to remain in your team or, in the case of potential future talents, join your team. In essence, authenticity and accountability are the keys to “buying people into the process.”

Practise two-way communication

It always takes two to tango. Check if your company meets the criteria below to qualify as a healthy workplace with effective communication: 

Prioritise the well-being of employees

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When your employees feel good, rest assured that your company is on the right track. Keeping employees happy while at work can be achieved in various ways: 

Sparking cultural changes or improvements might sound daunting and complex, but the rewards are certainly well worth it. Think increased employee satisfaction, longer retention, and better productivity…

Aiming to build competent teams with a strong culture of teamwork? We’re here to help you build it.  

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