Why Do We Need Personal Branding?

February 7, 2020

Why do we need Personal Branding?

If you are watching the trends, you would know that a lot of people are starting to put more effort into personal branding. The society we live in currently no longer looks at which organization you are working for or what your job title is only, but they also look at your visibility in the community. The more people know about you - good things of course, the easier it is for you to garner their trust and build your credibility. When I say about you, it means both, professionally and personally. The most common platform used is personal social media accounts like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and website. You know it is important when even the baby boomers are onto it. Even in blue-chip corporations, more and more high ranking personnel engage branding consultants to work on their personal branding. 

What can you do with good personal branding?

Higher self-worth. There is no point in having tons of certifications, awards, achievements that no one knows about. You should in a way, tell the world about it. Get your profile published, list all of it in the personal info section in company’s personnel profile and your social media accounts, tell it to people you meet in conferences, workshops, and talks, give speeches, feedback and opinions, and whatever it is to show others how good you are in your field of expertise. Get to the point where you don’t have to tell people who you are, but they know you as they read about you from somewhere, or heard it from someone. Besides the potential of higher earnings, you might also see opportunities for career advancements coming towards you.

Sell any products or services. With the many similar products in the market, one way to push your products’ marketability is by using your influence and credibility. To make it simple, people buy you, not only your products. This explains how easy influencers sell stuff compared to the ‘commoners’. 

Be an ambassador. If you are not keen to be a business owner, you might get the chance to promote others’ business on your platform or be their ambassador and enjoy a good income from it. Yes, there are risks, because if anything turns wrong, people will remember you instead of the owner. Thus, being very selective with products or services that you are promoting is advisable, and most importantly, get proper legal documentation to protect yourself. 

Be a Key Decision Maker. Besides monetary advantages, you might also be invited to share your expertise or opinions on certain projects or policies. Why? Because of the influence capacity that you have over others. Obviously this role comes with a certain level of responsibilities. You can’t be a key decision-maker who decides based on gut feeling solely, can’t you? It is best to choose a project or cause that you are passionate about, research on it, and have an intellectual discussion with experts in the field. Do remember that your decision today would impact the world tomorrow. 

Ultimately, Personal Branding is about amplifying the REAL you to the world - your expertise, your beliefs, your thoughts, your feedback. Being well-known means opening up doors to your life for others to see. Some may give compliments while some might do the opposite. You will get busier, always on your foot, less personal time. Make sure you are physically, mentally, and emotionally prepared for all of it. 

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