Breaking Through is Through Lifting the Brakes of Norme

January 13, 2023

“It has been awhile since the team has been so uplifted and motivated before!”

“乘风破浪,破茧而出 ! ”

Boosting sales was the key in today’s industry, no organisation is exempted from this need. However, breaking through the creativity and building the synergy into solving issues while creating competitiveness was the main aim of the entire session.

Key Takeaway for all the participants :

- Work with the challenge and overcome to be the best!

- Everyone is equally important and should work along with the boss to drive the company ahead 

- Breaking through to drive the company forward in the era of high competition 


Vision-Building session has created a sense of belonging to the team as the team realised that in order for their company to survive in the era of technological advancement, they will have to align everyone to drive the company ahead while breaking through their comfort zone.

How to build team Synergy?

Setting clear Outcomes and objectives. Making a clear declaration on the objectives set

Objectives are as a motivator and a way to create a “shared vision” within the organization.

To build an emotional connection with the Objectives in order to stay relatively relevant until the objectives are met 

Making the Objectives and Outcome Transparent. Being transparent allows everyone to be involved is a necessary step in building group synergy. The common understanding of the transparent objectives will turn it into a common vibe and appreciating others’ value and contribution bringing the team more into alignment.

Effort and Consistency of  translating into Synergy. Every team is made up of various kinds of individuals which are vary from one to another. However what builds the foundation is the solid hard work. It has to be active, ongoing and open with the team which was shared on the company’s objectives on how to share them.

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