Communication starts from the team building

February 8, 2023

“There are the messages we are going to build over time and we will need more time to build on it and a good start on it! ”

Petronas is making record breaking results in various departments and they have never organised team building. However they realise that in Petronas the unique communication culture is happening; whatever top management says never passes to ground level and whatever ground level staff says it never reaches top management level. The environment shaped a unique communication culture and Vision Building designed high engagement activities for the 400 participants to break the culture and implement it back on their workplace. 

Key Takeaway for all the participants :

- The bigger the group, the more effort needed to make sure the communication gap has been minimised. 

- Having a new perspective on communication can be improved, information silos can be easily terminated.

- Learning communication can be fun and empowering at the right time and right place. 


Vision-Building session assisted on the Petronas Away Day to ensure the team got engaged and connected more than ever before, especially they have never done before. During the process they experience transparency in communication and the majority achieved open communication. 

How to stay competent at the workplace?

Do not assume. Chief technology officer Nasir Darman commented it’s human nature to feel distant between each other especially in the corporate world. To mitigate this issue that hampered communication he  arranged 5 junior level staff to have lunch with him on the spot and 5 of them were happy to join CTO for a casual lunch session in their office. Most of them assume CTO is scary and impossible to reach but throughout team building we create the open communication style and stimulate the group to get closer and initiate the next movement to close the communication gap.

Environment is important. There's the best staff in the crowd amongst the 400 and mentioned the Power Index being highest in SouthEast Asia and that is one of the environments that stops us from communicating effectively. The CTO replied that yes that's the culture we live in. It will take time to change but it shouldn’t stop us from shaping a flat and transparent communication environment and it all starts from everyone of us.

Waiting game is a losing game. Everyone should take initiative to communicate within the organisation, we shall not wait until the team building session to start asking all the questions. One of the biggest issues that Petronas faces is that people are assuming with the perception that higher management is hard to reach but in fact the door is always open for welcoming curiosity and doubts. 

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