Do not judge a book by its cover! Be curious!

February 6, 2023

“It’s been 3 years since we've ever come together and had fun!”

The British Standard Institution certifies trainers and sets standards across different industries worldwide, it's in their blood to audit and set standards in their daily encounter. 

Initial Findings:

The organising committee head Mee Kween single handedly managed the team building from scratch, intended to have a relaxed and fun session for BSI, when Vision Builder arrived on 14th January Saturday, BSI team was having their day 2 and did a heavy morning brainstorming session. Mee Kween specially requested we elevate the teams’ mood (boosting morale), be here (100% participation) and lastly do not judge a book by its cover, by that she mean sometimes our colleague at work might not seem like their look, they are friendlier and warmer than how they looked. 

Key Takeaway for all the participants :

- BSI's whole team emphasises self discipline and there’s group 3 binding everyone using core value “discipline” as their group name. However even though they sounded “compulsory” being here but there’s no sign of dozing off or passive aggressive from their behaviour responses. 

- Another core value emerges from the teams including Concordia meaning united, “fight for it”, “Fire” etc, showing high in spirit. 

- Team spirit skyrockets when they see complete trust in each other when they cross the “land mine”.


Vision-Building team find the team was eager to express themselves in various session beginning, however they lack a ice break session to ignite the fire within. Having to know the team hidden tiger crouching dragon, the trainer decided to drive them higher during the session and found out that they are able to perform excellently even under stress, as long as they know why and what they are fighting for together, as a team.   

How to elevate team morale?

Set a common value in a small group. Having set the common value in smaller groups creates a healthy “fractional” habit of shared vision of the company. It's the same effect of having a shared vision of a company, the by-product of both shared vision and fractional habit of common value is creating the sense of cohesion and purpose within the organisation.

Compulsory exercise is part of the deal. In order to achieve smooth and effective communication, the team needs to understand the frequency of having engagement with the team must be maintained within the given time frame. Next step is to create a culture of dialogue in order to foster effective communication, collaboration, and innovation.

Positive competitive environment creates a growth centred environment. In order to grow talent in the organisation, a safe environment is needed so that they are able to take risks and challenge themselves with new ideas and thinking. BSI team can feel everyone is willing to participate and challenge the unknown as long as positive reinforcement is backed up. 


Mee Kween was confused and unorganised in the beginning of the arrangement given it’s her 1st time organising, however the outcome is positive and Vision Building served the purpose of bringing them together closer to each other, next upcoming VB need to bring more value in performance driven session and sales related training to BSI.

Remark:Sales and marketing head approached us at the end of the team building and already contacted Allen for a sales related team building to be held at Malacca.

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